First event: Kicking off smart toys empowered citizens in oral healthcare at the HvA Raadzaal!


Brushy¬†the crocodile is an interactive, smart toy for children (ages 2-6) who not only makes brushing more fun, but teaches children the importance of oral healthcare. Children can pet and feed Brushy, while also taking care of the toy’s teeth. As a hand puppet, Brushy brings tangible interaction back and provides a solution for all parents that try to minimize the usage of phones. The toy talks to remind and motivate children to brush his teeth, and opens the floor for parent-child conversation about oral healthcare.

Made by Noa van den Horst

Student project: The Playful Charger by Wytze Duinmeijer

The Playful Charger

The Playful Charger is a space saving toy-charger combination which motivates teenagers (age 13-16) to take better care of their oral health. Connected with the user’s toothbrush the playful charger integrates a brushing timer, pressure indicator, and displays which sections of the mouth have been missed during the brushing routine. By offering simple ways to improve their brushing technique, The Playful Charger empowers teenage users to improve their oral health care routine for years to come.

Bachelor Thesis of Wytze Duinmeijer



Root uses playful interaction to inspire teenage users to make teeth brushing an everyday habit! By using the Philips smart toothbrush as a controller, the brusher becomes Root’s puppet master. Starting as cute and clumsy, Root becomes a more and more confident dancer as the user keeps up the habit of brushing. His forehead interface uses light and color to indicate timing and the areas brushed, while offering feedback by referring the user to the app for more detailed feedback. The main focus is not on efficiency but forming a habit through play.

Bachelor Thesis by Mila van der Vlugt