This workshop aims to collect experiences, tools, and insights that help civic initiatives last beyond a project lifespan. To that purpose, we bring together researchers and practitioners interested in how to make civic initiatives have a lasting impact. We welcome participants with different interests: from active participants in citizen-driven initiatives, over companies working in this domain to researchers investigating how project outcomes affect people’s capacity to act on their ideas and desires. During the workshop, we will collaboratively explore how researchers and practitioners might contribute to making civic initiatives last through design. What tools, methods, platforms, sensibilities, or civic resources are needed? What legal frameworks are missing? And what research agendas are outstanding?

Submitting: In order to participate in this workshop, you must submit a single poster (A2 PDF format) by June 5th 23:59 (anywhere) to describing your own work or a specific project you worked on, as well as what motivates your interest in the workshop, and how your work relates to the workshop themes. Make clear in your submission which of these themes your submission refers to:

  • Tools and technology
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Methods, approaches, processes and activities
  • Value and meaning
  • Processes to bridge the participation divide


The output of the workshop will be the start of an outline of an edited volume with participants as writers on individual chapters, and the workshop organizers as the editors. The volume will be open-access, freely available, and without a strict review process. Rather we aim to start discussions and gather up research themes and advertise the publication widely.